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1 Printed Book, 1 E-Book, 1 Audio Book, Free Shipping, and a gift. This purchase gains access to the free Inner Beauty Makeover Kit: Course and Workbook, as well. Thank you for your support!

Beauty with a D
is a daring, detailed, and dramatic account of the events that occurred in the 27 years that Beaudy Marea Gogue Camacho has lived through as a girl from the Mariana Islands on the island of Guam, a U.S. Territory in the Western Pacific. Her autobiography is decorated with definitions and descriptions of “D” words and scenarios such as death, defeat, demons, disrespect, disruptions, and drugs, that have taken place in her life. She used these experiences to design herself into the outstanding and positive woman that she is today, being a single mother, an award-winning entrepreneur, a victim advocate, a suicide intervention skills training trainer, community leader, and supporter for the advancement of behavioral wellness, education, entrepreneurship, environment, and ethics. She has big goals set for her family, her teams, and her island. She is actively working to inspire and empower others to do the same, as well as achieve anything they are determined to do! This book is supported by a course and workbook called: The Inner Beauty Makeover©, a series of exercises, journal prompts, and games to have participants understand and implement the strategies that Beaudy studied and applied for herself as she continues to strive towards the best version of herself.

Beaudy lives on the Island of Guam with her two sons, Dazz Koray and Sterling Olivar. Beauty with a D© is Beaudy’s first book and supporting course under her self-publishing brand, Beaudy Co. Labs©

Thank you for your interest, love and support!

Beauty with a D, An Autobiography is produced and self-published by Beaudy through Beaudy Co. Labs

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