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Emily B.

“Beaudy was one of the team leader's and gave me some of the best business advice I had ever received when her and I had a call during the program. "

Lady Elle

"I am so thankful we got to meet and speak about this, it's challenging to do these kinds of things alone."

Helena B.

"Thank you Beaudy, for your added assistance when I was stuck and couldn't move forward."

Ema T

“I loved this part, it was so valuable to learn about the generation and forgiveness. I have started to apologize and also forget to people who hurt me or I hurt in the past. But mostly I have to apologize and forgive to myself as I was very hard on myself in the past. I feel much better when I started with the forgiveness. "

Jamie M.

"Well here it is stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out here with no apology. I NEVER let anyone see me without makeup since my diagnosis at 18 as you can see the reason but I will embrace my autoimmune warrior wounds."

Ulrike J.

"I have taken some decisions based on my ‚gut feeling‘ in the past few months, and I like how it’s going. I used to overthink everything and ended up talking myself out of the steps I need to take to build a life I love. So this is my decision: I trust my intuition." 

Get to Know Beaudy

Beaudy is a multi-award-winning advocate, artist, 2x international best-selling author, entrepreneur, and student who has excelled in all areas of interest she pursues!

She offers special event and fundraising consultation, strategy and design planning, as well as mentorship for corporate, government, and non-profit leaders around the world!

Investing in Beaudy's guidance, expertise, experience, skills, attitudes, and attributes not only advances the vision and mission of your organization to experience up levels but also encourages your next inspired action to be immediately fulfilling.

Beaudy has been recognized, featured, and awarded by organizations like:


  • MoyCom

  • Sorenson Media Group

  • Pacific Telestations, LLC

  • The Adkins Scholarship Foundation

  • Simon Sanchez High School

  • Guam Department of Education

  • The Guam Premier Outlets

  • Guam Head Start Program

  • Sagua Managu Birthing Center

  • Oasis Empowerment Center

  • The Dream Project

  • Salina's Beautiworks

  • The Little Things

  • Soroptomist International of the Marianas & Guam

  • Guam Women's Chamber of Commerce

  • The Guam Women's Club

  • United States Small Business Administration

  • Pacific Islands Small Business Development Center

  • US Congressional Office of Guam

  • GUMA Program

  • Natasha Leigh Bray, visionary of When Women Heal

  • Denise Emerson, visionary of Letter to My Little Sister

  • GIVA Awards

  • Start Up & Fund

  • The Female Entrepreneur Association

    & so much more!

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